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Relegy Collaboration
relegy is a platform for composition, housed to collaborate. the collaboration of a self-selecting group that can explore, exploit, cheat & surrender to relegy's cast & constraints. the platform reads, writes, forms & deforms characters & texts. compose to subjugate or be subjugated, choose to participate with others in an experiment vainly designed to be untestable, unverifiable, one that denounces reproducibility. whether an attempt to bear or resist the burden of others' machines their consuming machines remain unaccountable. GPUs, CPUs and OSs are part & parcel of our invariant ignorance of our consumer's consumption. the speed of our machine's processing is our liberty. colloboration is invariant.

material constraint makes a composition do things, like remain inaccessible for some.

even in peace-time there are collaborators to seek out.
How To
those interested will be provided with an isolated work area in which to compose & revise. the compositions in progress will be protected & private & when & if the collaborator so chooses they may submit their composition for promotion. i hope that many of the composers will wish to promote their work, to collaborate with me & all the other composers who have worked or played in the arbitrary construction i have machined, to show us other things that glyphs might do.

to get your very own workspace please contact me: [kenneth dot jacobs at gmail dot com]
relegy is part of a larger project to collaborate with artists and writers to design and build small machines. machines made to work words, machines made for writing, machines made for making sounds out of characters. if you have a proposal or an idea please contact me and we can kick it about.

contact me: [kenneth dot jacobs at gmail dot com]