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The Relegy v.0.0.1 Project
a different way to read or maybe a different way to write. just a little different. & in a medium that must be interactive, active, a slinky pushed from the hall onto the top stair of a long stair case.

i have preferred to create an application that does not, actually cannot, permit user interaction other than to turn it off or navigate away, an application that is slow & backwards & nearly static & pretends at synchronization by which i mean it pretends at time. or an application that is designed only for production of slow backwards texts that are most times synchronized.

as a model i have chosen robert motherwell’s ‘reconciliation elegy’ or i have included it. the top panel of relegy frames it. at this time it is completely transparent but it is there. iteratively the opacity of the image increases & in one hundred years it will be opaque. in a year a discoloration, in ten a ghost. ‘reconciliation elegy’ isn’t going anywhere. neither is robert motherwell.

relegy is an application designed to invite others to compose.

it disables the reader, there are no keys to strike or mouse gestures by which to make it do anything at all.
Ken Jacobs, Host
the reader will likely prefer to turn it off & navigate away. unless the composer has made something that captures the reader for long enough. is this different than any other bunch of words?

there are bugs. i prefer not to fix all of them. those problems that exist have become rules. those problems are exploited by cathy & m, the first adopters, experimenters, performers & collaborators w/relegy. i have preferred to leave what works, & by working i mean the functionality of the application that functions as i intended, as it is, to leave well enough alone.

the compositions go slowly & make good companions, you can take them home with you. or more precisely they are at your homes now. what m, cathy & i have made are potentially at your homes moving very slowly but you can do nothing to them.

there is no fast forwarding, rewinding, skipping ahead, you can not call up to them & ask that they get on with it. i prefer not to allow that. relegy always starts at the beginning & ends when you click the space bar or navigate to another page or close the browser or the composer's characters have completed their action on the screen. i preferred to make the application work that way.

they are at your homes, at least all the homes that have computers & have access to the internet & have web browsers installed that can run HTML5, properly. some browsers that are HTML5 compliant & support the canvas tag do different things to relegy. on others it does not show you what i intended at all. i prefer these exclusions. i prefer installing the latest version.

i preferred to use Java at first but it hurt. then i cheated. if you go home & find that relegy is there, that cathy & m are on the surface there every browser provides the facility to view source and you can see how i have cheated. both m & cathy have told me that they feel that they have cheated when working with relegy, both of them just a little like children, guilty in that pleasure.

composing shouldn’t hurt too much. i like cheating. the best worker is the lazy worker. i prefer to cheat.